Refrigerant Reclaim Systems | AeroSys Inc. is an authorized representative for Van Steenburgh Engineering Labs
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AeroSys Solutions - Refrigerant Reclaim Program

With the ongoing legislative requirement aimed at removing CFC / HCFC Refrigerant Gas from use, AeroSys can assist its customers to help achieve their environmental objectives by simplifying the refrigeration reclamation process.

As a full service reclamation center we are able to give the needed support that is required in this industry to be competitive. Whether your requirements are large or small AeroSys will work with you to provide a solution that fits the way you do business.


  • Hydro-Static Testing
  • Cylinder Painting
  • Valves Replacement
  • Pressure Relief Valves
  • Dip Tube Replacement
  • Hand Wheel Replacement
  • Cylinder Exchange Program
  • Refrigerant Banking Program
  • Refrigerant BuyBack Program
  • Size Cylinders #30 TO #239 / #30 TO #1000
  • Single Job Processing
  • Cylinder Exchange Program
  • Refrigerant Banking Program
  • Refrigerant Buyback Program
  • Cylinder Refurbishment

Cylinder Refurbisment

AeroSys is the only source your company will need when servicing your fleet of cylinders. We can refurbish your cylinder and get them back in operation quickly giving you and your customers the clean professional look. Cylinders are leak tested, cleaned, painted, and hydro-tested during the recertification process.

Cylinder Exchange Program

AeroSys has two types of cylinder exchange programs. Whether you own a fleet of cylinders or lease them from us, both programs are designed for fast turnaround to satisfy the highest demand during any season.

Cylinder Exchange Programs Services
  • All Inclusive Price to Process Cylinders
  • Flat Fee Disposal of Refrigerants Below 98%
  • All Shipping Paperwork Provided
  • Scheduled Pickup Provided
  • Customer Banking
  • Out Of Bank Refrigerant Purchases
  • Annual Rebates
  • EPA and DOT Reports
  • Out Of Bank Refrigerant Purchases
  • Discounted Parts and Repair Services
  • Project quotes & Processing